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Paediatric dentists not only create good oral health but also helps the child to become a better citizen of tomorrow. They modify the child's behaviour and attitude towards dentistry as a whole. This speciality guides and councils the parents as well with regard to various treatment modalities including different facets of preventive dentistry (counseling for expectant mothers, caring for your child's teeth from one year of age, providing fluoride /sealant application to prevent dental decay are some of the preventive measures), behaviour management through pharmacological (conscious sedation and general anesthesia) and non pharmacological methods, habit corrections (example : thumb sucking, mouth breathing, pacifier dependency are a few), management of traumatic injuries to the teeth, cleft lip and palate management, minor surgical corrections, orthodontic corrections including early skeletal jaw growth modifications, correction of deranged or uneven teeth, paediatric root canal treatment (termed as Pulpectomy/ Pulpotomy), aesthetic crown placements and last, but not the least, providing utmost care for medically compromised/developmentally disabled children.


The mission is to serve the public and its membership, armed with the core values of Professional excellence, Ethical deliverance of treatment, Respect, Compassion, and Hope. Therefore, we provide the best oral healthcare for your little ones.


Our Vision is to become the Leaders in pediatric oral health by becoming the first "dental-disease free" state in India We hope to achieve this distinguished position by providing exemplary dental care to the young, vibrant population of Kerala State.

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